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We are 111 days away from our goal move date! I can hardly believe it. Lots of things that have been ideas, dreams or plans are actually coming to fruition. December brings enjoyment of our last advent & Christmas in our home. In January we will buy our plane tickets (alllll five of them!) & … Continue reading 111

A new moving date!

We’ve been been for about two weeks and I think we are all finally adjusted back to time zone… no that’s not to say we aren’t still tired! (Maybe just Yura & me 😉) Before our trip, we had planned to move in May 2018. But we were able to learn more about next summer’s … Continue reading A new moving date!

We made it!

We made it! We all feel like Lev, but unfortunately there aren’t strollers for everyone 😜 All the bags got here & in general the kids did well 🙌🏼 So much grace from Jesus! Now we are waiting on Yura’s brother Illya to pick us up with a friend. We will drive 5.5 hours to … Continue reading We made it!

10 days out!

We are TEN days out from our trip…. AND we have a last-minute change of plans! We decided to stay a little longer & take the boys with us! Their Ukrainian grandparents are thrilled, needless to say. My brain is going about 90 miles an hour switching modes from one tiny travel companion to three! … Continue reading 10 days out!