Schooling overseas

I think decisions we have to make as parents for our children can be difficult, no matter the situation. Food, activities, health, school… it is a lot! However I truly believe God has equipped us with the knowledge + ability to make these decisions by humbly asking Him for wisdom (easier said than done!). This … Continue reading Schooling overseas


Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to since we moved into our apartment! Lots of trips to Jysk, the Bed, Bed + Beyond of Sweden. A visit with sweet friends from Kyiv! We met at the “beach” as they traveled to an orphanage outside of Odessa. A trip to Ternopil to visit our … Continue reading May

Found a home!

Before we moved here, we searched online for apartments. In Ukraine most apartments are rented out by owner or the owner uses a realtor to advertise. Kind of like condos for vacation rental in the States! Our friend Yulia was kind enough to call apartments for us, but because we couldn’t come in person, the … Continue reading Found a home!