Introducing Baby P #2!

It’s been nearly a whole year since I posted anything….nothing much going on except a new home, pregnancy, 6 children in foster care, a new church home, 10 year green card… you get the idea 😉

Most importantly we want to welcome our newest Baby P!

Lev Hariton PerekotiyDSC_0525

February 20, 2015


7 pounds, 8 ounces

19 inches long

His birth was incredible – so full of the Lord’s presence! I will write about it another day.

Chambers is adjusting to his role as Big Brother pretty well! He spent the first few days with Grandy (my dad) & then came home to us. It’s been a bit of a tough transition as he figures out who “baby” is, how he can help & how to be gentle.


I’m having a harder time healing this go-round, so the kitchen is a wreck & I’m sitting on a pile of laundry! Very thankful to have never been put on bed rest during pregnancy, but trying to enjoy the downtime now.

I truly hope I can find time to recap the last 23 months – it’s been the best year yet!


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