12 months = 1 year!

February 14 – March 13, 2014 | Chambers’ First Birthday


this month you:

picked a flower for Mama

started walking on March 1!!! you’re going EVERYWHERE now!

discovered pinecones – pokey & fun

went to Birmingham & stayed with MeMe while Mama & Papa went to a conference at Brook Hills

had your first birthday party!

played with bubbles from Grandy/Randy/Randad… (or whatever his name will be)!

learned how to put yourself to sleep – we like to watch you plop down in your crib when you know you’re tired!


you love to:

eat strawberries & scrambled eggs [but not together]

play with the bath crayons from MeMe

swing at the park

walk on the beach & feel the sand squish in your toes

your first birthday party was at Homewood Park on Sunday, March 9th. we had Steel City Pops & you smashed a coconut zucchini cake!

you are one. 365 days have passed since your birth. our hearts have grown  exponentially since you came to be, & we are grateful to God alone for His grace in our lives. the only way our family is held together is by Jesus. we love you so much!


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