green card appointment

it’s been a while since we’ve had an update on Yura’s “alien situation” as he calls it.

Yura got his green card February 6, 2012. it was valid for 2 years under conditional status, meaning that it his permanent residence status is dependent on our marriage.


he can work, travel, pay taxes (yay đŸ˜‰ ) & leave the U.S. however, he cannot leave the U.S. continental borders for more than 6 months at a time. if he did, his permanent residence status would be permanently revoked.

in January we sent in the application to remove those marital conditions, which will hopefully change only two things: if approved

  1. his new green card will expire in 5-10 years instead of 2 years
  2. his travel restrictions will be lifted, meaning he could leave the U.S. for more than 6 months at a time

in February we received notice that his current conditional status is continued for one more year (through February 6, 2015). we also got a letter asking us to appear at an interview & provide fingerprints at a biometric appointment.

we thought that the appointment might be in Mobile or Pensacola, MAYBE even Montgomery. but no, NEW ORLEANS! how fun is that!? could going to a USCIS appointment get any more fun?

why yes, yes it could! the appointment is tomorrow, on my birthday!

last year i was in labor before, during & after my birthday, so i didn’t fully recognize that i turned 24. that’s why tomorrow will be great – a whole day with my hubby, celebrating what God is doing in our lives & His provision through this crazy immigration process. (Chambers is staying at our house with his Meme!)

please pray with us for a few things:

  • safe travel to/from the appointment
  • Chambers as we are gone all day
  • favor with the appointment – that all questions would be answered & that the restrictions be removed
  • guidance as we navigate the next steps for our family (in the coming 2-3 years) regarding moving overseas to share the Gospel of Jesus

praising Jesus for His leading thus far on this journey!



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