11 months

January 14, 2013 – February 13, 2014


this month you:

were discharged from the hospital – praise God!

started Mother’s Day Out at Preschool Park [much to your Mother’s dismay]

visited Meme while Papa & Mama celebrated Terra & Zach’s engagement!

hung out with Brittany & Patrick [& Baby Nolan] & David, Casey, Leah Grace & Elliana

watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Sochi

got your first stomach bug… & shared the love with alllll of us


you love to:

drink smoothies – your fave so far is kale/avocado [we got a Vitamix Blender & it’s revolutionized our kitchen!]

try to hold two things in one hand – no matter if it’s possible or not [like a spoon & a pot]

eat avocado & other squishy foods with your fingers – messy fun!

color with crayons

play “drums” with pens & pans

eat books… apparently just like your Mama when she was little! your new favorite is Little Blue Truck

Chambers we are so thankful, humbled & blessed to be your parents. this time last year we couldn’t wait to meet you & now we can’t imagine life before you! we love you, snuggle buddy! one more month until your birthday!

*there are affiliate links in this post – read here about how we’re saving up for adoption!

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