Thankfulness 1

4 thoughts on “Thankfulness 1”

  1. I concur with the perfect height! What a sweet gift that the Lord would care about even the “human” desires of our hearts!

    On the tall note…the only maternity jeans I ever loved were seven for all mankind with the total belly panel. Swore O would never wear the full panel, but they were oh so comfy and long enough! Found mine on eBay. Thought I’d pass the tip along.

    1. Joy –
      Thanks! I have found that Gap are the only ones long enough because I can order the longer inseam online. It’s a bummer spending so much on something that I’ll only wear a few times! I also LOVE the full panel – much more secure!

  2. i love jimmy so much that sometimes i just don’t even know what to do besides cry! i can so relate to your joy and thankfulness for him. what a gift to experience the gospel through marriage. happy for you, sweet friend.

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